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Thread: Hitler

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    He sure had a funky moustache, that's for sure. But i'll stay outa this one, 'cause what he orchestrated against the rest of the world and his own nation, using the confusion of monstrous unemployment and astronomical monetary inflation and selling the bigoted idea of a scapegoat for their troubles was inexcuseable. Besides, whenever i get to using bad language then i have to repent all over again, and i'm not sure which sin might be the last straw that breaks the camel's back...............

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    Jews and Hitler

    Actually it was 6 million Jews.....
    He was a madman and his henchmen were nothing more
    than bloody murderers....
    Ask the families of the American Service Men and Women
    killed to get rid of him....

    Lets not forget what Tojo did to Japan on his
    war of conquest....

    My Mother took years before she would use a product made in Japan
    and she still is somewhat reluctant to admit it....

    I personally do not hold a grude against Germany or Japan today.
    To me it was history and I am a Baby Boomer..
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    Originally posted here by preacherman481
    I think Satan works through people like Hitler, and Satan would like nothing better than to have a one world government through which he can control all religion. Satan hates the Jews because God brought His chosen Savior (His Son Jesus Christ) into the world through the Jewish people.

    Religon.....bah! Hitler used Religon to prove that what he was doing was God's will just as you you use religion (and crazy talk of demons ) to say he was doing Satans work...

    ... I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work." - Hitler

    Religion has a lot to answer for....

    Anyone interested in reading a few clever quotes on religion just follow this link....

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    Well when it came to military genius he was seriously lacking. Once I saw a list called 10 military blunders that lead to an allied victory. I think number 1 was don’t go into Russia in the winter. Another one was Hitler’s instance on bombing British cities instead of air fields which helped the allies gain air superiority.

    It's funny how everyone thinks god is on there side even though your not suppose to kill in his name.
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    thats an absurd question, his whole concept of an ayran master race is obscene. The Aryans originated from an area of northern india and migrated to the area around germany. to claim any degree of racial purity they would have to have been cloistered. Not too likely. His plan from the beginning was to 'liberate' gremany from the jewish influence and purify the country. He never intended to accomplish this with cotton swabs and alcohol.

    Talking Hitler without the holocost is like talking an a-bomb without radiation.
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    Hitler Did have an extrodinarily high Iq (150's). and he was an extemely manipulative man.(I can believe this as I have heard a few of record speaches and they are very mesomorizing). but would we view him Differently? of course we would! his watermark on the world was the Jewish holocaust(not to mention the pow's, homosexuals, blacks, muslims, political prisoners who died as well). It would have been no different than world war I, being that The ottoman Empire was defeated as were the germans in wwII. he would have been no different than any other defeated General in anyother war.

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    I've read that anywhere from 35 to 40 million people died in WW2, NOT including those in the camps. The exact number will probably never be known. Whatever good he did for Germany, and he did do some, is far overshadowed by the bad.

    Has anybody ever considered too that Stalin, during his years as ruler of Russia, killed more of his own people than the Germans? Presumably he's responsible for nearly 30 million deaths. If true, between he and Hitler, almost 25% of Russia died.

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    Hitler was a genius, yet a flamin fascist. what he had in mind was the wrong interpretation of nietzsche's ubermensch or roughly translated "superman" overman in german. he would have his troups carry copies of Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" which was how nietzsche literally protrayed the overman. now hitler being the intelligent moron he was, decided that it was possible for him to accomplish to what he considered great tasks. he wanted to so called rid the world of evil and non-deservants of oxygen roughly. i think its stretching it a bit to throw in the religious stuff, simply because someone is insane does not make them a "tool of satan" which is about as farfetched as possible anyway. he killed yes, but so do your friendly local politicans, they just have there bitches in the military do it for them whenever they want some natural resource that they cant get there greedy hands on without killing ppl. hitler at least had an ulterior motive. i however am extremely anti-violence and very anti-hitler, but calling him such things as tools of satan is what i like to call "stupid". pyscology explains insanity. thomas szasz was a physician who believe there was no such thing as mental illness until he was proven wrong by the further scientific study. which tests have been done to prove hitlers insanity. stalin may have been insane as well, but so was nietzche, eintein, locke, foucault, heidegger, descartes, deluze , guiatarri, spanos, chomsky, sagan... kinda makes you wonder whom is considered insane. the genius's of our tiems, of our world. which proves that insanity can create good or bad. in hitlers case, insanity of course resulted in bad. sadly ppl had to lose there lives for no reason or purpose, which is why i despise of him. he had so much potential, was just led the wrong way and turned bad. now the aryan beliefs he had were popular ones indeed. one nero, had them as well. aryan = bad, genius = median, philosophy = median, religion = helpful, hitler = all of the above. his just went the wrong way.

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    In theaters in Europe, there is currently a film running called "Tod im Spiegel" (Death in the mirror). It is about Hitler's last secretary. She is just talking for about 90 minutes and tells about her time with Hitler until his suicide. One thing I remember of this film was that I had the impression that Hitler was truly possessed by his ideas of an aryan society. He really thought he was doing it for good.
    My tip: go and watch that movie. It is very impressive.
    Unfortunately, I do not know if this film can ever be seen in the States.

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    [glowpurple] I believe that an AntiChrist is coming who will again try (and succeed) in uniting the world under a single political, economic, and religious government. He will have the same power as Hitler and probably much more. He will come at a time when people are looking for someone to follow, and he will say all the right things at the right time. But he will turn out to be a deceiver and evil incarnate. He will persecute Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and anyone else who won't follow him. Believe me (actually believe the Bible, God's Word), you don't want to be here when the AntiChrist shows up.[/glowpurple]

    -- so, what about that debate on Iraq...

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