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Thread: Most will appreciate

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    Talking Most will appreciate

    Found this and got a kick out of it.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    pretty funny, Its the way the world is going, anything and everything is about technology. I'm a html coder and can see myself...yes...defentily...being that guy in about 34 yrs...except without the wrinkles, and my sign will be in better shape.


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    dude. thats cool. that looks like me. and im 15. i think i need to lay off the crack. j/k
    hey, wuts with the 199? if i got my binary right, isnt that what that is? i used to subnet binary for ip's in cisco class. 4 octets of binary equals 1 barrel of fun, eh?
    whoa, guess who's a retard?
    sorry, no sig. i know im lame.

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