I know and realize that many of you came barging in here infuriated by this topic being brought up again all ready to flame me and neg the hell out of me. Well, if you believe I deserve negs for this, then neg me...I'm doing my own thing whether you like it or not.

Recently at this thread an interesting topic was brought up that I believe is worth discussing...so here it is:

I realize that a good number of you don't care for Mitnick too much. I myself don't care for him too much as a person. He dogged many of his friends who trusted him with their lives a number of times. But he is a very intelligent man and definately knew (I still believe he is fairly up-to-date) his stuff...He was good enough to evade the authorties a number of different times for a while (once even for a couple years), but then he would get sloppy and trust the wrong people.

I believe with his final incident, though he got the raw end of a deal and many tried to make it right...
What do you think?