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Thread: Newbie no more!

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    It's a gas!
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    Jul 2002

    Newbie no more!

    Just realised that my Newbie status has GONE =)

    Sorry about the pointless post but its great to have got rid of the newbie staus and moved up rank to Jnr. Member.

    I look forward to many more posts and maybe, someday, getting Addict status (long, long way away)

    Thanx guys for making this the experience it has been, much appreciated!



    ps Sorry about the post, just got a bit excited (sad me, eh)

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    Senior Member Unl3Ashed's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    eh, we both just get into jr.member and 77 posts now.
    Mine post is useless too, sorry , just want to mention r3b00+ that we are the same somehow.

    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
    - Albert Einstein

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    It's a gas!
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    Jul 2002
    Congrats on jnr membership Unl3Ashed!

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    Old ancient one vanman's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Freestate,South Africa
    Congrats guys, I know the feeling.It is great not to see newbie next to your name anymore.
    It felt like ages before you got there , but it is worth it.I see it in the light of how much I have learned from everybody here, and how much we still have to learn.

    Practise what you preach.

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    Mar 2002
    Congratulation from me. I'll wait patiently to my turn. but i dunno when it will be coz I still got -ve AP.

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    Oct 2002


    I have a long way

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    Congrats you two for sheding your newbie skins. Y2k, I'm sure you'll get some more positive points soon enough ^_^ Don't place to much thought on that. Just keep posting when you're compelled too.

    Once more, congrats Unl3Ashed & r3b00+. I'm hoping to join you guys in that status soon enough :c)

    Take care


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    Jun 2002
    Originally posted here by y2k
    Congratulation from me. I'll wait patiently to my turn. but i dunno when it will be coz I still got -ve AP.

    If you don't stop whining about the negative AP's you'll never make it. Quit complaining, make intelligent posts that we can all understand and everything will be fine...but if you keep bringing up the AP's you're just just gonna get yourself deeper into a hole.

    r3boo+ and Unl3ashed, congrats on making Jr Member status...well done!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    and i have just started to crawl up the ladder... it will take me a long time... to reach there... i suppose..
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    Apr 2002
    Congratulations to you both!

    Y2K, I'd have to agree with allenb that you need to quit turning each and every post into an AP whine. People are going to look for those kinds of posts to neg. So far you've been lucky. Take some advice to heart.

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