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Thread: Mandrake 9 released for XBox

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    Mandrake 9 released for XBox

    Today the Xbox Linux Project announced that Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 has been released. This is the first complete Linux distribution for the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. A 350 MB installation CD of Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 is available for download free of charge from the Xbox Linux website.

    Xbox Linux Project
    Download Page

    Although some people can't see the attraction of something like this, I still think it has merit. As doktorf00bar said a while ago, these console manufacturers sell the console at a loss and recoup these losses on the games. So in essence, it's like a cheap PC, with quite decent hardware. And now that a complete distribution of Linux has been released for the system, hopefully it will become a little easier for the average user to implement.

    What do you guys think of this whole project - is it worth the time that is spent on it? Or is it just a novelty, not meant to be taken seriously?


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    Good thread! My friend works at Toys US in Orlando Florida he told me to wait Until November 11-4-02 to buy an Xbox. Xbox are being reduced to $149.99 and plus Linux Mandrake 9 is available for download free of charge from the Xbox Linux website. I think the whole idea is excellent.

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    I think its a great idea, because it adds more use to the xbox, and you can never have enough uses for a gaming colsole. I wonder what microsoft thinks of all this going on? Sony was already on the linux wagon when they releasted the Linux for Playstation2 Kit, which came with a special version of linux for the ps2, a vga adapter, keyboard, and the harddrive/network/modem adapter. I wonder which version of Linux will come to xbox next?
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    You need the mod-chip to install Linux correct? I am a linux fanatic but havnt looked into installing it on my Xbox that much (too busy playing the games!). Has anyone had any success with the mod chip installation. How hard was it?


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    I wonder when Redhat will come onto the scene?

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