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Thread: Bugbear to set new virus record!

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    Thumbs down Bugbear to set new virus record!

    Bugbear to set new virus record!

    The virus is spreading a bit more slowly than last week, but is still on track to become the most prolific to date. Last week, email service provider MessageLabs intercepted 320,000 missives containing the Bugbear attachment, more than the Klez.h virus managed in its first week in April. Klez.h has created the most-ever Internet traffic so far.
    The full story can be found here @ http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t278-s2123479,00.html

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    Another warning for admins out there (and other aswell).

    A Hoax are spread since 04/08/2002 it's the "Jdbgmgr.exe hoax"

    Source: www.nai.com

    I found the little bear in my machine because of that I am sending this message in order for you to find it in your machine. The procedure is very simple:

    The objective of this e-mail is to warn all Hotmail users about a new virus that is spreading by MSN Messenger. The name of this virus is jdbgmgr.exe and it is sent.....
    cause of the widespread W32/Bugbear@MM is people scared of this and will easilly believe in this hoax since its all about a small qute bear (the icon). People have called our support and NAI has included a warning about this hoax in their W32/Bugbear@MM description.

    ---Update 10/07/2002---
    W32/Bugbear@MM does not contain a bear icon, but rather a generic icon typically associated with EXE files.

    A new version of the JDBGMGR.EXE hoax is circulating, which is tricking users into deleting a file that uses a bear icon. This file, JDBGMGR.EXE, is not related to the W32/Bugbear@MM virus.

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    Indeed Michael..

    Again the famous "Help I did what they tell me and now my (java) chat doesn't work anymore" hoax..

    JDBGMGR.EXE is the windows Java Debugmanager... hence the name.. and has nothing todo with the bugbear...
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