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Thread: Final year project ideas?

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    Final year project ideas?

    I am currently into my final year of engineering, and I am supposed to submit a final year project at the end of it. The problem is that, I am unable to find a suitable topic which coule interest me, and also be viable in the current market context. I am thinking of making something in one of the following fields
    - Smart Card Technology
    - Network Gaming (with more emphasis on the networking part)
    - Reading text from an image
    - Location of a mobile device

    The duration of the project is 4-5 months. And, also I have to keep the cost of the whole project into mind, coz i would have to spend it from my own pocket .

    If you have some suggestions or have worked on something related to the above listed topics, it would be great if you can share your information, thoughts and experiences with me.

    Email: msb@bvcoend.com
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    Hmm...good topics so far. Is this software engineering? If so, how about:

    > Encryption
    > Compiler? Create your own?
    > Scripting language? Create your own?
    > OpenGL gaming client?
    > Encrypted chat clients (ICQ, etc?)
    > IRC server/client using encryption?
    > File steganography?...USING ENCRYPTION?

    I like encryption projects.
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    Encryption projects always impress the teachers.

    Something that interests me would be to do a project on securing 802.11. It is extremely current but there is a lot of resources out there to help you. I am not talking about the standard checklists (enable WEP, etc., etc.) but real proactive solutions.

    Just a thought.


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    Re: Final year project ideas?

    Originally posted here by manpreet
    - Reading text from an image
    This earlier post had a cool way to hide text in an image or other file and make it impossible to find without the original file.

    encryption is also a possibility in that post
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    Thanks. Nice topics to start with. Well, I am presently pursuing B.Tech. in Information Technology from a university here in India. For a final year project, I need something good, coz it counts a lot during interviews etc for getting a job or getting into master's studies. I liked the idea of encrypted chat clients...as well as openGL gaming client...

    For OpenGL & encryption, from where should I start? If you have some good links / resources, it would be nice if you could share them with me, so that, I can have a little bit of input about the direction where should I go.

    Thanks once again
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    For OpenGL, go to http://www.opengl.org/
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    Creating a scripting language? Hrmm...

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    Re: Re: Final year project ideas?

    What I meant from my post was not to hide text in a file, but to do pattern searching and read the text on the image. It is quite difficult to do pattern searching and recognize the text in the image. There is pleaty of research going on in this field, but the results have not been very positive. The reason behind it is that different images are of different resolutions, have different color combinations, different fonts are used...etc...etc...

    Anyway, but I liked that thread very much. Does anybody have an idea, what exactly the algo or the technique is employed to do that kind of job.. ie. hiding a file inside a file???

    Originally posted here by Common_Exploit
    Creating a scripting language? Hrmm...

    No, creating a scripting language... or a compiler is not my cup of tea... Actually, I am not too good at Compilers & Language Automata subjects... i barely passed them...
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    Originally posted here by Common_Exploit
    Creating a scripting language? Hrmm...
    Sure! Why not? What do you think Larry Wall did? He got tired of the limitations of sed and awk.

    Anyway, if you're interested in encryption, try these links:

    Popular Algorithms & How They Work
    Encryption: Comparison and Resources
    Open Directory...Cryptography

    For OpenGL:

    OpenGL's main site
    Code Project Tutorials
    OpenGL Programming Guide

    Besides these resources, there are a bunch of books out there on both topics. Good luck!
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    Thanks roswell, i will check these links out.. and try to get a hang about these topics..
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