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Thread: Please Help!

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    Please Help!

    Recently I upgraded a PDC to Active Directory. Now several of my co-workers can access Active Directory Users and Computers from their machines, but when I try to open it I get this error message:

    Naming Information cannot be located because:
    The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted.
    Contact your system administrator to verify your domain is properly configured and is currently online.

    If I answer ok to this error Users and Computers will open. If I then right click on the Active Directory Users And computers in the MMC and connect to the DC I can view the contents. I can remove users from groups, but when I try to add a user to a group I get this error:

    Object Picker cannot open becuase no location from which to choose objects could be found.

    I have been through tech net, and did not find anything helpful.

    Has anyone ever seen this?

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    How did you install it? Did you install from the adminpak.msi package or some other way. If you haven't already, maybe you should just install/reinstall from this package, which loads the admin tools that would be found on a Win2k server. This, of course, includes AD users and computers.
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