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Thread: Microsoft to charge for security?

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    Microsoft to charge for security?

    Found this on Slashdot:

    Microsoft "may offer new security abilities on a paid basis," according to the company's chief technical officer Craig Mundie. The possibility is under consideration within Microsoft's security business unit, recently set up under its own vice president, Mike Nash.

    The idea is still only hypothetical, but represents an acknowledgement that Microsoft sees security not just as a necessary condition to reassure existing and future customers, but also as a potential source of revenue.

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    Salesman: Well, we have just the one for you. Look at this baby over here.
    Customer: The price seems kind of steep.
    Salesman: Yeah, but this baby has every possible modern convenience. It has heated leather seats, the finest Bose sound system on the market, heads up display that will use GPS to give you directions to any place on the planet, and a cell phone built into the rear view mirror.
    Customer: Ummm... why doesn't it have any tires?
    Salesman: Oh, those cost extra.
    Customer: There's no windshield.
    Salesman: Yeah, we thought that would take away from the driving experience. You know.... wind in your hair and all that.
    Customer: Bugs in your teeth.
    Salesman: If you want that we can add one for a nominal fee.
    Customer: How nominal?
    Salesman: Well, that depends on how many passengers you plan on carrying and how many miles you drive each year. We can price it according to either standard.
    Customer: Ummmmm.... OK, thanks for the info. I think I'll keep my old one.
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    Iv'e never quite SEEN the definition of "getting you coming and going" posted succinctly before....
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    hehe, funny role play...

    The idea is still only hypothetical, but represents an acknowledgement that Microsoft sees security not just as a necessary condition to reassure existing and future customers, but also as a potential source of revenue.
    what else is new? I'm convinced that the only reason they have security flaws anymore is so you have to download updates, for which you must enter a valid product key.. they want to make the only people with secure operating systems the ones who legally purchase it..
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    The problem is they see security as a product, or as features - not as something that should be incorporated in the software from the ground up. The reason of course is money: secure programming doesn't sell - software sells - features sell. This article doesn't surprise me.

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    Just mho, but i believe MS would be mistaken to add such an aftermarket expense to their OS and MSOffice Suite; we constantly read of major companies switching to *nix and with the recent strides in 'user-friendly' packaging of Linux, including Version-8 with a direct line to 24/7 support for sixty bucks or so a year. Sun just improved StarOffice and it goes for around sixty bucks or so...... Seems to me MS is already loosing market shares without coming up with some program that people will see as another $queeze on thier budgets. JMHO, but i don't think MS would really be that market-dumb.

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    It's absolutely no surprise to me that M$ would charge for security,and shouldn't be for anyone else.The funny thing is,it seems that their software is hacked and floating around the internet before they even know they're developing it.How good could this "security" be.I think you'd probably be better off going beck in time about a year and throwing your life savings into the stock market.If M$ doesn't cut out the BS I think they better start researching fiber optic internet connections or something of that sort,because with *nix getting more user friendly every day I don't think OSs are going to be bringing too much money after a few years.
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    I agree with Wickdgin. They should be incorporating security into the software out of the box. If you ask me, this is just plain ludicrous - you want to charge me for something you should be doing as part of your software infrastructure...pardon me, but would you mind kissing me before you bend me over and screw me??!!? Anyway, I'll be glad when I become better with Linux. Too bad I work in a M$ shop!
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    It's BS. They know they make crappy products, IE and Outlook, and think they can make money off it. I definately will be getting Linux as soon as i can.

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