I know I'll get negged for this, but I don't care.

Am I the only one who notices similarities between Eminem and Vanilla Ice? Don't get me wrong, I like Eminem's music. He is an extremely talented rapper. The reason I say I see similarities between them is this, Vanilla Ice said he grew up in the hood, which wasn't true. Now Eminem appears to have genuinely come up in a hip-hop culture, but the things he says about his mother, don't get me wrong I'm sure he had it hard, but they seem to be untrue. Every song he says something contrary to something he's said before. It just seems to me that they share that "phoney" aspect to their styles which I beleive will mean the end of eminem as sure as it did Ice. Which I think is a pity, because eminem is an extremely good rapper... (have you ever heard him freestyle? CRAZY!!)

They also both made a movie. Vanilla Ice's was a dismal failure. My question is: do you think eminem's move 8-mile will do the same to his career as Cool As Ice did for Vanilla Ice's?