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Thread: Eminem Movie: 8 mile

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    Money money money. That's what it's all about. He acts tough so that 14 year old kids will think he's cool. I hate rap in general, but eminem must just be the worst rap I've heard. (Note: I'VE EVER HEARD. I don't really care about what you think of him, but it would be great if he wasn't in the media all the time, posing as a bad ass rapper who SWEARS. Wow!)

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    Personally I like Eminem's music (but I also like vanilla ice so what does that say about me?), but I think that the main reason for him causing such a big stir is not his lyrics but the fact that he is white. Being a fan of rap music in general, I know that there have been several rap artists who have said the same things that Eminem has, but because Eminem was in the spotlight for being a white rapper, everybody had a problem with it.

    quote from a non white rapper: "**** you to the San FranCisco police department
    **** you to the Marin County Sheriff department
    **** you to the F.B.I
    **** you to the C.I.A
    **** you to the B-u-s-h
    **** you to the AmeriKKKa
    **** you to all you redneck prejudice mutha ****as"

    quote from Eminem:"Thats why these prosecutors wanna convict me
    Swiftly just to get me offa these streets quickly
    But all their kids be listen'n to me religiously
    So i'm signing cds while police fingerprint me
    They're for the judges daughter, but his grudge is against me
    If i'm such a ****in' menace, this **** doesnít make sense, Bí
    It's all political, if my music is literal and i'm a criminal,
    How the **** can i raise a little girl?
    I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to
    You're full of **** too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you!"

    Now I don't think that either of these has a generally positive meaning but I also don't think that the Eminem quote is that much worse then the other one.

    Just something for you people to think about.

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    I think you're wrong about em. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest rappers dead or alive. Any artist can go platinum but not diamond. Eminem's "Marshall mathers LP" and "The Eminem Show" both went diamond. He is the greatest selling artist of 2000. Eminem is the only white artist included in the G.O.A.T. Many of the great rappers called him " The Greatest" including Jay Z, Drake, Rakim, Kendrick Lamar e.t.c. He influenced many upcoming artists. In my opinion, Eminem is lyrically better than anyone else or ever in the history of hip hop. He was overdosed on vicodin and almost died in 2006. But he came back better than ever in 2009, with albums like Recovery, Relapse. No can has the ability to rap and write lyrics eminem. He wrote "Lose yourself" which was the first rap song to ever win Academy Award in a set of "8 mile". If you want to know eminem, just hear "Lose yourself", "8 mile Sound track", "Stan", "Sing your moment", "The way I am", "The Ringer","Mockingbird", "When im gone".

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