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    Red face How can I get it

    Hello there
    Can anyone tell me how can I use telnet or any other program to to into the System because, the telnet that I'm using it does not seem to work properly it always give me an error. I'm using our college network, so I also want to know wether is it possible for them to block us on telneting anything?? Please help!!

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    DUDE...give us a break and use the search features...check the tutorials sections...telnet has been discussed many times before...
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    Im not totally sure what you trying to ask in you whole question but what i got from the first part...
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    "Hello there
    Can anyone tell me how can I use telnet "

    Is that: "You are trying to learn HOW to use TELNET"

    You can try here for some help for basic commands and stuff...


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    yes it is possible for your school to block you from using telnet, but i seriously doubt thats the problem. Are you telnet-ing to someone who is running telnet?

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    Angry is right, you should first make sure that your destination is running a telnet server. Without that, you can try telnetting to it until you are blue in the face, but you won't get it to work unless there is another service that you can telnet to - for example, it is my understanding that you can telnet to an smtp port and send email via text or something or another. I hope this helps. You should probably try searching from the home page first and google possibly. If you are not able to find the information you need or still need help, let us know. Here are some links that may help:


    You could also search in the tutorials, but you may come up empty. Try to do some more research to learn how to use it. If you haven't done your research, or at least shown that you made an avid attempt to do so, AO members may be more reluctant to help you.
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