Hey All,

I was recently introduced to a banned/unreleased game by EA called Thrill Kill by a coworker. When searching on the net, it came to my attention that EA decided not to publish this game due to graphic theme and graphics. However, after playing this game, it seems to pale in comparison to todays games like GTA3 and SOF2. Now my question to the users of this site is, does anyone have any knowledge of any other game banned or unreleased or even tuned down for "our protection and humanity". I'm building a database of games for either pc or console that has never seen the light of day because someone was thinking on our behalf. I'd like to show people games they could have been playing had it not been for our rights being infringed (ie: freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of THOUGHT)

P.S. BTW I know about the whole videogames are banned in Greece (which can land you in prison) and that certain, "violent" games are banned in Thailand and Germany (games like; Doom, Mortal Kombat, Requiem, Blood were mentioned) I also know that some country, states, provinces, etc have banned GTA3 due to it's graphic nature and suggestive content.