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Thread: Banned Games

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    Well in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area many stores have banned games that have the player looking through a sniper scope in any fashion.

    GTA3, SOF2, Metal Gear Solid 2, and 7 or 8 others I can't think of off the top of my head. Mostly ps2 games.
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    WHoever said that game postal was banned in the US was wrong. In fact I cant think of a single video game that was banned, however many distributors wont carry some games that deal with touchy subjects because they feel it will hurt their business. These titles can still be distributed by the internet. Thrill Kill's engine was later used for the kick ass 4 player "Wu Tang Klan" fighting game. I heard the real reason they stopped working on it had to do with a shift in focus and the company had to put it on the back brner for a long time. Kind of like how Maxis canned development of SimsVille, and decided to apply a lot of improvements to Sim City 4 instead. I have never heard of any title that was actually banned here.

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    I wonder if they're gonna ban Americas Army in the DC area as well then
    While I can understand the need to make sure that certain games like Ethnic Cleansing, dont get on the everyday store shelf for little Tommy to pick up, but seriously there's violence everywhere. From TV to movies to music
    Anyways back to the topic at hand, I just found out that Panzer General is banned coz it lets you win WW2 from the Axis powers point of view. Then maybe we should also ban RA2 coz it gives the option for the commies to over run the US
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    The only game I have found a reference to was Custer's Revenge although I am sure there are a lot of Adult Sexual type games that are considered "banned" or avaiable only through certain "channels". The location I found the reference to Custer's revenge was at http://anthonylarme.tripod.com/gc/gcrgames.html which showed a number of reasons why Australia would consider banning games along with screen shots.

    Off Topic: I personally enjoy FPS a lot (Counter Strike in particular) and Anarchy Online. In CS, Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament, etc I am a ruthless marauding killing machine. With no mercy I love back shots and sniper rifles. However the other day we caught a mouse in a sticky trap and it made me almost physically ill to have to kill it to put it out of its misery. If someone half way mature blurs reality between game killing and real killing then there is something seriously wrong with them. No I do not think kids should be playing these games, I think the MSRB ratings are good indicators. If a 7 year old is playing SOF or GTA3 then it is the parents that are at fault. By the teenage years if that same kid can't figure out the difference between reality and fantasy then he is a sick individual and would be one with or without games. There are much more powerful influences in our lives than the games we play, friends, family etc. The same thing can be said of movies. I believe taking a young child to see Jurassic Park (pick which one), Friday the 13th, etc, is silly and bad parenting. I wouldn't hesitate to take my children when they were teenagers. By that time they were able to tell the difference between reality and slasher movies. Movies like Silence of the Lambs was far more terrifying to me because people like that sick puppy really do exist and are the real monsters among us.

    I would be far more concerned with a game that simulated torturing animals or people rather than military or FPS type shooters. One is action the other is perversion. If you can tell the difference then you probably don't need to worry about playing games. If you can't then we all probably should be worried about you whether you play games or not.
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    Games that glorify violence only warp people with warped minds.
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    Thanks for the info people!

    >Info on Thrill Kill. It's a game that was developed by Paradox and gorified by Virgin Interactive. The reason we never saw it hit stores is because Virgin was bought by EA Inc. and EA didn't like the idea of associating it's image with the "violent depication" of Thrill Kill. EA is more of a sports and kids game company, and figured the game would hurt sales by parent consumer viewpoint. The game was 2 weeks before it's release date when EA pulled it off the market. That's why the blackmarket copy is so perfect (except for a glitch or two). It has nothing to do with being put on the back burner, espescially with the loud outcry by many people on the internet. Just search google for thrill kill and see the protests! EA used the engine for Wu Tang just to say they did and not make the time of Paradox a complete waste and loss in purchase. Paradox and Virgin are also known for making the "adult" games of 7 guest and 11th hour.

    >As for laws that govern sales and rentals of games in graphic nature. In Canada, most stores and rental chains (ie: Blockbuster...) has adopted an acceptance system with the ENRA (I think that's the acronym) Rating System for Games. (E, 13, T, M) Unless the game is under 13 or T, people without ID cannot purchase nor rent these titles. Titles like GTA3, Kingpin (Is this game banned or just frowned upon?) and so. The customer MUST present proper ID before the sales of games with M ratings. Probably the same in the US.

    >To blame videogames as the triggers to psychos loose in society is wrong. Everyone has a dark side, or whatever you want to call it. It's just a little more obvious in this state. Some people love to watch Action or Horror movies where people get gorified scenes of death, and have a HUGE collection of Videos or DVDs. What's different about that? Or take this into consideration. Someone who's into studying cultures must learn the ritual techniques, historical backgrounds and so. Some of these cultures are/were sick bastards. Some mutilate themselves to seperate themselves from God's creatures (so they say), is that not a little twisted? Or take in consideration the people who work in slaughter houses. You have to have a stomac for that! Personnaly, I could never do that. I could go on, but I'm sure you all know where I'm heading with this one... (SodaMoca5, I hear ya about the mouse thing!)

    >Killing people in GTA3 or Medal of Honor does have a difference. In GTA3, half of the people are innocents you beat, rob, runover and so. In MOH, it's always Nazis or employees. It's also the brutality in the execution of the targets. In MOH, it's a bullet to the head, and they're dead, in GTA3, you beat a person on the street with a bat until the lay in a pool of their blood. Kinda get the difference. I hear your point! Just that's how a politician would see it (kinda)

    >Vorlin: Good point about AOE, race vs. race. Kinda suggests racism, eh? I guess it's over looked due to it's historical nature. Hell, that's where I learnt my history!

    >Prodikal: thanks for the support to keep this tread purely on banned games. It seems that this tread just screams mutation to a discussion on ethics of videogames and violence. I'll put the question in my sig. and maybe get more responses as well as through this tread. I'll keep throwing the question around.

    Also, thanks for the link, I had found that one, as well as another, about games not being released for the Atari Links system due to bankruptcy of the system. It's always nice to know what you miss out for a system when she sinks. I was looking forward to StarTropics 3 for NES but the SNES made the sales pointless...

    It's interesting how secret, hidden, or just forgotten information can make a person curious, eh?

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    To keep on the topic of banned games



    found this here
    The Great Giana Sisters was the game that was too good to be sold. Shortly after its release, it was withdrawn from the shops due to legal problems - it resembled Super Mario Brothers so much that Nintendo was threatening a lawsuit. Those who were fortunate enough to buy it got the best platform game ever on the C64.
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    Thats exactly what I'm looking for. Anybody else got info like this please submit here. All information I gather will be credited for.

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    Very good post you've just won a cookie. Sorry but i haven't the time to read all the post, but i will do it as soon as i can. So as you see on your left i am from Greece and everyone about two weeks ago was pissed off with the stupid government where nothing works fine until you pay sth more to the guys who make the paper (here in Greece we call the money for this purpose as "envelops", because you give the money in an envelop), but except of this the Greece is a very beautiful country fortunately the law 3047 is only past and now you can play everything on your PC legally as your countries and as a normal country without any stupid politics saying always bullshits.

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    So the Greece Government has turned the legislation against video games? You can now play games without facing 3 months in prison?

    Awesome! Now I don't worry about going to Greece (if I were to )

    Thanks for the information.

    Why is it that they turned the legislation, anyways? Was there a loud outcry by the public?
    Let me know if ya know

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