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Thread: 404 error page

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    404 error page

    somewhere somehow someone managed to get my default 404 error page overwritten by spam page... do you know how to take it out of my system... i read 'bout it but don't remember where did i see the particular txt

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    generally, there is a error404.htm page or somewhat like that, on the site located in some folder (depends on the host). You just replace that page with yours, and your problem will be solved.

    Or, get into your control panel provided by your host, there must be a link to change the error pages.

    If this does not solve your problem, better contact your host.

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    I could not see in your post what webserver software you are running but I have some links which may be helpful ?

    404 Research Lab
    International Customized Server Error Messages

    Its not a direct answer for you but you may find the solution there or on Google. Most of the info is for Apache but I hope you will find it helpful anyway.


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    there are plenty of tutorials to let you make your own custom 404 error page on your website, here is a link to one of them, but I beleive he is referring to the one on his computer, I think if you look around here you might find out how to solve that problem.
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