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Thread: Tabbles (aligning images)

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    Tabbles (aligning images)

    I am developing a small web site, I am trying to achieve a certian look, I will have a list of links, enclosed with a leaf border, see atached example.

    I do not want to use CSS positioning, due to browser wars. So I am implementing this effect with a table. It almost works, with the exception that on the right side, is a gap between the right side of the leaf frame, and the linked list.

    Some code:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border ="0" align="center">

    <td rowspan="3" valign="middle">[img]images/leafsleft.jpg[/img]</td>
    <td colspan="2"valign="top">[img]images/leafstop.jpg[/img]</td>
    <td rowspan="3" valign="middle">[img]images/leafsright.jpg[/img]</td>

    <tr valign="top">

    <dd>Free Backgrounds</dd>
    <dd><a href="buttons.shtml" Free Buttons</a></dd>
    <dd>Free Graphics</dd>
    <dd>Free Animations</dd>

    <td colspan="2">[img]images/leafsbottom.jpg[/img]</td>


    I am woundering if someone can spot my mistake.

    I do not use wysiwyg editors, I am useing 1st Page 2000

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    That code of yours doesn't reveal how you created the "Links" and "My Resume" links. Looks to me that those two blocks of text are just too wide to fit into 286 pixels... *shrugs* <DL> has got this indentation thing which can make it take more horizontal space than one would think. I suggest you just remove that list and make 'em with
    's, that might even be all you need to fix that problem.

    To nag, that list is not a definition list as the tag you used suggests, so it's bad coding. Another reason to use plain
    's or CSS.

    CSS would really be handy here... Every browser supports it enough, you really wouldn't have to use anything but the standard CSS 1 features.
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    Thank you ZeroOne, that worked, I just deleted the dd and dl tags, then placed a
    before each new line, and created a new td pair with me second list, and that fixed the problem. Thank you so much.

    P.S. The reason I was trying to do it with a dd list, is beacause www.bignosebird.com sugested thats how I can use graphics for my bulleted list.

    Thanks for the tip, I did not know dd lists take more horizontal room, but it make sence now.

    So far this is what I have acomplished.

    I do not plan on makeing it too interactive, no funky Java applets, Active X or Flash.

    I may include a small flash intro, but nothing too intensive, I like plain and simple.

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    a piece of advice ditch the intro
    sorry to critisise but it just screams swish - if you wanna use flash then take the time to learn how to use it properly - d/l a copy of flash mx from macromedia.com and be prepared to lose 99.9% of your free time - and the other 0.1% will be spent thinking about it


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