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    Hm.. i like better HTML or shtml..

    In my opinion

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    Here are the option for my site

    Web Site Configuration

    General Site Info
    Site Name:
    Site URL:
    Site Logo: [ must be in /images/ directory. Valid only for AvantGo module ]
    Site Slogan:
    Site Start Date:
    Administrator Email:
    Number of Items in Top Page: 1051015202530
    Stories Number in Home: 1051015202530
    Stories in Old Articles Box: 301020304050
    Activate Ultramode? Yes No
    Allow Anonymous to Post? Yes No
    Default Theme for your site: 3D-FantasyAOMAnagramDeepBlueExtraLiteKaputKarateMiloNukeNewsOdysseySand_JourneySlashSlashOceanSunsetTraditional
    Select the Language for your Site: AlbanianArabicBrazilianCatalaChineseCzechDanishDutchEnglishEuskaraFinnishFrenchGalegoGermanGreekHungarianIcelandicIndonesianItalianMacedonianNorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSlovakSlovenianSpanishSwedishThaiTurkishUkrainianVietnamese
    Locale Time Format:

    Multilingual Options
    Activate Multilingual features? Yes No
    Display flags instead of a dropdown box? Yes No

    Banners Options
    Activate Banners in your site? Yes No

    Footer Messages
    Footer Line 1: Welcome to
    Footer Line 2: All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. The comments are property of their posters.
    Footer Line 3: We're developing....

    Backend Configuration
    Backend Title:
    Backend Language:

    Mail New Stories to Admin
    Notify new submissions by email? Yes No
    Email to send the message:
    Email Subject:
    Email Message: Hey! You got a new submission for your site.
    Email Account (From):

    Comments Moderation
    Type of Moderation: Moderation by AdminModeration by UsersNo Moderation

    Comments Option
    Comments Limit in Bytes:
    Anonymous Default Name:

    Graphics Options
    Graphics in Administration Menu? Yes No

    Miscelaneous Options
    Activate HTTP Referers? Yes No
    How Many Referers you want as Maximum? 100010025050010002000
    Activate Comments in Polls? Yes No
    Activate Comments in Articles? Yes No

    Users Options
    Minimum users password length: 535810
    Activate Broadcast Messages? Yes No
    Activate Headlines Reader? Yes No
    Let users change News number in Home? Yes No

    Censure Options
    Censor Mode No filteringExact matchMatch word at the beginningMatch anywhere in the text
    Replace Censored Words with:

    WebMail Service Options
    Footer Message in all sent e-mails: Mail From!

    Let your users send e-mail? Yes No

    Let users send attachments? Yes No
    Attachments temporal directory: [ Must be world-writable ]

    Let users view/read attachments? Yes No
    Received attachments temporal directory: [ Must be world-writable ]

    Max. number of accounts: [ write -1 for no limit ]
    Is this service based in a single account? Yes No
    Default Single Account Name:

    Default POP3 Mail Server:

    Default mailbox images path:
    Filter header when forward? Yes No
    By the way, I am running this site off my own server...if that makes a difference...

    Come to

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    ok maybe a stupid question and I'm really sorry if it is, but did you install an smtp server on your server ? or any other mailserver ?
    Double Dutch

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    ............./me ignores the akward silence....."no"..............
    Come to

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    *kwiep enjoyes the silence
    Now that explains alot... Then install one he...
    Double Dutch

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    Alrighty. What is a good one. And where do I get it? I'm using....../me hates to admit XP

    When I get DSL at my dad's I'm going to move my server there witch is running Linux...

    Anyways...what is a good on for WinXP?

    Come to

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    Microburn, Maybe this link will help.
    I found several mail servers for all platforms. It also has a whole bunch of other tools too.
    /me notes that i got this link off of a post a few days ago here on AO....thanks whoever posted it :-)

    /notes that the post name was one stop firewall shop :-) [give credit where credit is due]
    M$ support is like shooting yourself in the left foot and then putting a band-aid on the right one.

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    Thanks I just had one...PostCast I wasn't the best...I'm the not smartest either, thanks Christina . Anywho..thanks for the link. I'll check it out.


    I was just at the site. It's an amazing site...
    /me overflows his computer with programs.

    Thanks. You got the Greens.

    Come to

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