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Thread: Jp!

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    What strange compulsion drives these idiots to get angry at AO,say they hate it and everybody on it,and then log on all day for the next two or three days and make fools of themselves by trying to start sh!t between members,cursing,whining,and whatever other crap.I can't figure out if it's attention deprivation,stupidity,or some combination of the two.
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    Lemme guess..

    You DDOSed ( wich is the lowest form of scriptkiddy behaviour ) AO and now you want credit for it..

    Well hey.. to bad..

    All you'll get is a banned account and a lot of mad AO members..
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    Bah, I dont think it was him who DoSed AO... Hes probably taking credit for some other lame kiddie.... Common_Exploit doesnt have the brains to do something like that =]

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    Why would JP want to cover up a DDoS in the first place? In the past, he has both been DDoSsed and Hacked, and made that a front page story, just to let people know what was happening. Suggestion that he makes up a story about exploding batteries and hospital visits is a little farfetched for me, at least...
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    Who pissed in that CE's Cornflakes? CE: You obviously lack the brain power to hold a conversation. All you do is bitch and complain about AO and JP, if you have a problem leave! Nobody is looking over your shoulder with a 30-6 saying "you have to sign up for AO and post."

    Go somewhere else to be an *******.
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