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    Arrow MSN Messenger password hacking!

    msn messenger is not really that hard to hack anymore because there are lots of programs out there that let you get the password for anyone quickly without them knowing.

    Goto http://fly.to/khc

    and goto their MSN/YAHOO/ICQ Downloads Section

    there you can find programs you can use to easily get msn passwords!


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    I don't think this is a good way to start your life on AO. This is not what this site is about and these types of posts do not go over very well. I suggest you read the FAQ and spend some time looking over the forums.

    Just some friendly advice....
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    mmelby is right, its a bad way to start out here, but inadvertnely its a convenient warning to those of us who do use msn.
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    I don't understand why you posted this....

    First of all anything involving MSN, hotmail, & (ect) is easy to crack and always has been easy to break into especially with s.kiddie toys and besides this is a security site not a lamer BBS. Do you think you'll be looked at as 'L33T' by c&p programs that only crack the lamest security on the .net? If you really want to carry the title 'HACKER' then you need to work for it like everyone else, come back when you get some programing skills.

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    I see he decide to do a triple post so we can ban him quicker.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I want to try to make this thread a little bit less useless..

    The MSN password (messenger service and hotmail) is just a MD5 hash..
    You get a code from microsoft looking something like this: 989048851.1851137130)
    then you add your password and get a MD5 hash from it.. that would look like this 3b7926d277068ec49576a0c40598ff21

    now to get back the password you need to sniff both code from microsoft and the hash..
    brute force it and TADA the password..
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    There is a great whitepaper floating around the net that does a great job in explaining the security vulnerabilities in common IM and P2P programs. The title of it is XForce_P2P.pdf. It is too large to post here and I dont have internet access here at work to provide a URL. I am sure if you search google for the filename it will find it.

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