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Thread: MSN Messenger password hacking!

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    Arrow MSN Messenger password hacking!

    msn messenger is not really that hard to hack anymore because there are lots of programs out there that let you get the password for anyone quickly without them knowing.

    Goto http://fly.to/khc

    and goto their MSN/YAHOO/ICQ Downloads Section

    there you can find programs you can use to easily get msn passwords!


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    Unhappy msn messenger

    Ok jellypin, this is not looking good. This is the third forum you have posted this into. It's not good to post the same thread over and over again in different forums. You should definitely read the FAQ before posting anymore or you'll be banned before you get to 10 posts - and that's not good. Take your time, and look over the site. Take care.

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    Wow,I've seen people post things in more than one forum,and I've seen people post useless SK junk,but I don't think I've seen both at the same time.You're not off to a very good start friend.
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    I want to try to make this thread a little bit less useless..

    The MSN password (messenger service and hotmail) is just a MD5 hash..
    You get a code from microsoft looking something like this: 989048851.1851137130)
    then you add your password and get a MD5 hash from it.. that would look like this 3b7926d277068ec49576a0c40598ff21

    now to get back the password you need to sniff both code from microsoft and the hash..
    brute force it and TADA the password..
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    not the best place 2 post skiddie equip man
    try some lamer site
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