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Thread: video card problem

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    video card problem

    sorry fellas, i had post this one in security posts as i not seen any genral tech forms in antionline to post.
    i ve got sis 6326 8MB 2X AGP card, its always troubling me. there are vertical lines on the monitor.(usually red in color) it comes when it displays 8MB. its clear when it shows 4MB. but that rarely happens. can any body help me with this. to work on it very painfull,horrible.
    plz help me.

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    Infyquest, what exactly do you mean with: "when it displays 8MB" and 4MB? What sort of monitor do you use?

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    We are going to need some more information in order to give you some valuable advice.

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    It seems to be a hardware problem than software I guess, but try to download a driver from SIS web site for your VGA and install it again.( be sure to download the driver which match exactly with your VGA model ). Also some monitor have thier own driver too, so install your monitors driver too. I hope this will help.

    BTW, also you can change the "refresh rate" of the adapter and see if everything is ok or not. If you don't know how to change it then PM me.

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    ello! infyquest! I'm sure the problem is in the memory of ur video card try to install another agp vga card or a pci vga card this will solve the prob.!

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    as rjhaey said, its most liekly to be memory but not on the actual card as it sound like you have a builtin video card with shared memory, either that or your monitor doesnt like running at a higher resolution or refresh rate which usually occurs when you change card settings

    when you change from 4 to 8 meg of shared memory does the refresh rate or resolution also change?

    if it doesnt you most likely have a memory problem, swap your system RAM and test it and see if that cures the problem, either that or take 1 of the sticks out and test it (if you have more than 1 stick of ram in your box) then try it with the others to find out if one of your ram sticks is bad

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    Incompatible chipset if not a driver issue, i would think. Check your mobo's BIOS version and the details about hardware compatibility. Otherwise try adjusting your resolution and color depth until it agrees with the card (and watch for driver issues in the meantime). If none of this works, your CRT may be shot. (It is a CRT and not an LCD, yeah?)

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