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Thread: BT Openworld 150 hour limit

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    BT Openworld 150 hour limit

    Just wondering what people think about the fact that the once unlimited BT openworld internet access is not limited to 150 hours a month.

    It's supposedly to increase the quality/speed of our connection, but surely they should improve 'their end' rather than restrciting us. After all, that is what we pay for. They've put limitations like this on it before but i've never seen an increase in connection speed.

    They've also kept on the system which allows you to only connect at 2 hours at a time. They state that this is to stop people using up their hours my mistake, but it seems a bit silly when most people have automatic disconnection after 10 minutes of inactivity. I wouldn't be so bothered about the 150 limit if they removed the 2 hour limit, at least i'd be able to download large files then.

    How is it that Freeserve manage to give unlimited net access for a few less than BT?
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    Bleh - BT banned me and discontinued my account when they found out I am generally online for more that 18 hour a day. B@stards!

    djhuk --

    Here's a tip - keep a recursice ping running in a minismised window to avoid premature disconnection due to inactivity. (eg ping my.isp.com -t)
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    heh, I stay connected all the time. My machines are never offline, are never disconnected and so far I have never "exceeded" any bandwidth limits or connection time limits with my DSL provider.

    Of course I'm in the states so things are done a little differently, but I would sure be pissed off if my provider kicked me offline after 2 hours, especially considering I game a lot online and spend more than 2 hours at a sitting.

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