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Thread: stopping viruses with linux firewall

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    stopping viruses with linux firewall

    I have a linux gateway with a couple of windows machine behind it. Is there a way to use this firewall to scan for windows viruses on incoming packets.
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    Frick, I was kind of expecting a tutorial on what the subject says. Next time, please only use the tutty forum for tutorials, as JP mentioned in the Tutorial Forum: READ ME Sticky. Thank you and I'm hoping to see some tutorials from you!

    Btw, and I should have mentioned this, but it can be read here..

    Hope I helped for future reference.
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    I hardly think a firewall will scan every packet for evil code.

    A firewall would scan for weird network and internet activites. It could detect a dailup from a intruder or a trojan and things but it isn't good for scaning for a virus. Firewalls are mostly good for intrusion detection.

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    There is gateway scanners available for firewalls and other servers aswell. I advice you to search for content scanners if you want good protection at your border.

    You can use software as:
    www.pandasoftware.com - "Panda Perimeterscan"
    www.mimesweeper.com - "content scanners"

    These are only a few of the products available and far from the cheapest available, I mentione them only cause you may get a good idea about what you do want to find and use.


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    Once again the weakest link in the trail is the human behind the computer, the firewall might detect some viriis/.... but it's got to be the person behind the screen to execute the file....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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