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    I have read several copyright discusions, news articles excetra. However there are a few unanswered questions about copyright I am wounding if anyone can help clerify.

    If I have a program such as Jasc Paint Shop Pro, or Microsoft Word, and that program comes with clipart, or tubes. Each of which are images that come free with the software. Does this mean I can use these images for profit or does it mean I can only use them for non-profit personal use?

    So for eample, I have a lot of tubes for PSP, if I were then to combine a few of those tubes, with a granient background, apply a small efect on it, and use it as a company logo, would that be breaking the law?

    If someone could clerify, that would be apreciated.

    See atached example.

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    The laws vary from country to country,but in the US,I'd say it depends more on the people that made the graphics than anything.If it's a big corporation,and they don't like the fact you used their logo than they can probably higher a good enough lawyer to get it ruled a violation of their copyright.If it was made by an individual I wouldn't worry about it.The best way to find out though would be to Email the people that made the logo and ask.
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    Hmmm... I'm pretty sure somewhere in the program they address that issue. Explore the programs and you may find some text document that refers to your question.

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    It should be covered in the EULA. Since the images are bundled with the software, they would all be governed by the same EULA in the absence of some separate licensing information for the images. If the EULA grants you permission to redistribute the images, all is well. In the absence of such language in the license agreement, I think you have to assume that the copyright holder holds the exclusive rights of reproduction, public distribution, and derivative work under section 106 of the Copyright Act. I'm sure there is some mention of it someplace in the documentation, though.
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    Check your EULA (End User License Agreement) M$ for example at one time said that if it was on the net or crossed their servers they in fact owned it. Sticky thing about public domain thanks to corps. Like say a bed time story say Cinderella, was is part of public domain yet Disney made a movie about it and pretty much claims exclusive rights to it now days. Then again through the DMCA what was supposed to become public domain as in copyrights had expired were in fact extended for another 20 years so only Disney has a right to Micky Mouse about 1920 version. I'd say never use stock anything from any company cause if it is a popular thing then they will cite their EULA, but in short even stock images are bought and licensed even if digital. Hard to be an artist now days because unlike a canvas the computer image can be altered. Check your EULA of the programs you use
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    Thank you everybody, I could not find anything documented for psp tubes, so I emailed them and got this responce:

    Hello Kelly,
    Thanks for writing.
    Yes, tubes are royalty free and you may use them to create images for sale.
    Thank you for asking.
    Hope this helps.
    I will look at the EULA for M$ Word to see if I can find anything for the clipart.

    I have learned much, thanks once again.

    Next time I will know to check the EULA first.

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