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Thread: Firewall Migration

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    Firewall Migration

    I'm at a bit of a loss when comparing operating system platforms. I have been running FW-1 on the Solari platform for a few years now without "many" problems but Nokia is looking very good. Does anyone have any helpful information for a person in my position? This is what I looking at;

    SUN Option
    -2 SunFire 280 daul 900mhz Processors, 4 gig memory, Daul-Quad 10/100s

    Nokia option
    -2 Nokia 530s with 512meg and daul-quad 10/100s

    I'm tring to think 3 years in the future, which is best for a parallel
    firewall configuration?

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    Personally, I think that if properley configured, either one will do the job sufficiently.

    The only real difference that I see between the two is with a solaris box, the OS needs to be hardened significantly, as well as managed/tweeked etc... So the security of the OS could be an issue.

    With a Nokia box, the OS (I think that the Nokias run a BSD platform, which many consider the most security OS available) doesnt require any hardening or tweeking, and I think that it basically works straight out of the box in a secure fashion. This eliminates the OS security issues regarding the Firewall itself.

    What I am trying to get at is, from a management/setup point of view, the Nokia boxes is a better choice, but the security/performance of a Solaris box properley hardened/tweeked would be the same as a Nokia machine straight out of the box.

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