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Thread: Recipe to success!

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    Recipe to success!

    Greetings all,
    I read an interesting article yesterday about the ways and means of getting to the top in various aspects of life whether it be job related, school, college etc..If you think about it there is no actual shortcut to success. I tried to put together this recipe, which is as follows:
    1.A bag full of pleasure-Enjoy life! We have not been put on earth to make life miserable for ourselves and everyone around us.2.A mind full of dreams-Donít sit on a fence, chase your dreams and make them real.3.Have the right attitude. -Somebody without morals in life is like a car without a driver.4.Have guts and fulfill whatever you start and donít abandon it halfway.5.Have a laugh and you will make everybody around you smile.

    Now here are some pointers to make this work for you.
    Do everything you can, enjoy everything you can and be all you can.
    Remember, your best is not your friends best.
    Most important is balance. Your life is like a weigher and donít let it go over to one side.
    The question is what do you ecspect of yourself. So what if you make a mistake along the way. Everybody learns from his or her mistakes.
    Remember life does not owe you anything, and nobody said it would be sunshine and roses. Be assured that what you give, you will receive back twice as much.
    There is however one thing that you can do better than anybody else in this universe and that is to be yourself.

    Like somebody said to me one day, bake for 365 days per year, and if you want to see what is going on inside the oven, remember that the Word of God is the light in your life!

    I came to the conclusion that we actually live purely on the principle of mercy.
    Hope you find this meaningful and no disrespect to anybody.

    Practise what you preach.

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    I got a few more.Don't waste your time working your ass off,because those people don't make any money.Find a job that will give you a corner office with a great view,has secretaries that do all the work for you,and pays you $500,000 a year.That's success(in the US anyway).

    Then there's the other kind of success.Enjoy life,have fun,but you have to suffer for it,because your doomed to spend the rest of your life busting ass in a dead end job(unless you win the lottery or something.)

    It sucks that you can't just have the best of both worlds.
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