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Thread: Hacker rules.

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    Hacker rules.

    I found this great artical,and I thought It would be good for the newbies, that have question about being a hacker.

    this is a quote from the artical.


    The word hacker today means everything from digging into a system--any system--at root level to defacing a Web site with graffiti. Because we have to define what we mean whenever we use the term, the word is lost to common usage. Still, post 9/11 and the Patriot Act, it behooves hackers of any definition to be keenly aware of the ends to which they hack. Hackers must know their roots and know how to return to "root" when necessary

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    All I got was an internal server error.Guess I'll have to try later.
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    internal error too ....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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