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Thread: Big problem with the internet!

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    Big problem with the internet!

    Hey all AO members.

    Have you ever wondered about this? as morbid as it is - the flaw with the internet is when you die - no one else on the internet would know...

    for instance, my programmer, whom i only stay in contact with through email and messenger has not shown online or completed any tasks in the past 4 days. Although he may not be dead, he very well could be!

    How would you ever know if someone on this board died? Relatives and 'real' friends surely wouldnt think to post it on the internet

    Just my thoughts... care to think?

    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    I know of a case where this is what exactly happened over on a message board I help moderate. The guy had a sudden blood clot in his lung that moved to one of his arteries and caused a fatal heart attack. His wife logged on under his username and told us all. We all took it pretty hard. The worst part was they had only been married a few months .

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    Yeah, it kinda makes you think about giving your spouse all of your information so that he/she can let your online friends know. I spend a good deal of time on AO, and I would want you guys and gals to know that something happened to me even with all of the alliances, mud-slinging, corruption, and what not that's been going on supposedly. The funny thing is I thought about this just the other day. I thought about how much time I spend on here posting and reading posts, and I said to myself, "Self, what do you think about giving your wife your login information just in case something happens, and she can let everyone know in a short, but sweet little post. Maybe I will do that...who knows...
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    Or you could do what Eric Raymond did and write an online will in the event of your death. Have a look at his page, "In the event of my death".
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