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Thread: Running E-mail server on RedHat 8.0

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    Running E-mail server on RedHat 8.0

    Hi All,

    I have a question about running a mail server on Linux. I use a Dynamic DNS service and I am trying to send and receive email to my Redhat box. I have questions about security.

    Do the email accounts need to have user accounts on the box? Sounds like a dumb question.
    I never ran email other than local accounts.

    If I want to use my own domain what do I need to consider?

    Sorry for such general questions. I really appreciate any help.


    Atlanta, GA

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    First question: they do not have to have an account on your mail server. There is the possibility of setting aliases for the same account with procmail as delivery agent where you can assign different recipients for different adresses.

    Second question: you have to use a dynamic domain name service (Google for it)

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