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    Talking A Universal Matter - Girls

    Hi all.

    I'm asking to all of you (including female members of AO)

    Does any of you claim that he/she understand girls?

    If such a lucky guy exists on earth, may he/she tell me the way so i can also understand them?

    Any tutorials will be greatly appreciated

    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    Watch the "Tao of Steve".

    Might not be available in India yet


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    whats that (i.e. 'tao of steve)?
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    I think to understand a gurl, u need to understand yourself ist. how can u understand someone if u can't even understand urself. well i not really understand myself either.

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    y2k: yup, thats the basic problem, i also have'nt understood myself as well

    And now a follow-up question:

    Do all girls of world of any nation do this..

    boy: i love you XX
    girl: oh no! i was afraid of this.. but i love you just like a friend, not like a lover YY
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    Well, Manpreet I got bad news for ya, all girls are different I'm afraid... (although some do fit certain stereotypes like some guys have their own too)


    P.S. Yah, girls from anywhere do that.

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    One will fail if "he" seeks to understand the whole of "she" The complexities of "she" defy worldly representation. With my varied experiences I would not dare to say that I know even a tiny bit about "she".
    My counsel is to focus on being yourself and treating woman with respect. Do not try to hard to find "she" or understand "she” If you know yourself and know how to treat all people properly then and only then will you find "she" fulfillment! MHO Good luck!

    [glowpurple]\"I like to think of myself as a sensitive inteliigent person with the soul of a clown that forces me to blow it at the most important times.\" Jim Morrison[/glowpurple]

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    Nobody claims that he/she understands girls..

    Well, BTW, I don't need to understand a girl fully or let's say i don't have any hoper for that..

    i will be fine if i understand girls once every two days, once every year or once in a life!! but i do not remember any time like that.. they are full of chaos.. or the girls i know are the most chaotic ones or i like the most chaotic ones

    who knows..
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    The Tao of Steve is a cult hit here in the US about a fat dude that has a set of rules he follows to get girls. The first rule of the Toa of Steve is:

    Be detached. We pursue that which retreats from us.

    The second rule of the Tao of Steve is:

    Eliminate all desires. Girls can smell an agenda.

    I forget the rest. Damn good movie though.


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    Xenon, I'll have to look into that. It becomes a little easier (in a way) when you get married. You only have one person to keep up on. You can't worry yourself with trying to figure them out so much - you'll drive yourself crazy man! Just when you think you've got her figured out, she does/says something that throws you for a big loop. I definitely think you should be yourself. Otherwise, you'll put yourself in a totally different situation, and you'll be wondering "how in the h3LL did I get myself into this?" Just my opinion...and no, I definitely don't claim to understand women. I do know my wife very well - sometimes better than herself. But then, it's the same way with her knowing me. First, be yourself, then decide what you want to do with the women you've attracted in being yourself (hopefully, become friends and feel everything out to see where it leads, then take it from there. The understanding usually comes later than you want it to...just throwing some random thoughts out there. Then again, it's been awhile since I have been "on the market." I could be totally off - I know one thing, however - I'm happy with my wife.
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