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    Question permissions invision

    hi, i saw someone mentioned invisionboard in another thread, i didnt know what it was but greekgoddess pointed me to a link.
    so i downloaded it and installed it. i already had mysql and php installed on Xitami webserver. i am running win2000 also.
    i created some accounts and posted threads and it was really easy to setup and configure except for one thing.
    i installed all the invision related files in a folder 'forums' inside of the 'webpages' directory in Xitami.
    when i go to the URl localhost/forums/index.php everything works fine and i get the main page.
    if i type in localhost/forums/ i have a problem. it is showing all the files in that directory and i would like to make them all restricted. when i was setting it up it did mention using
    chmod command to change the permissions on those folders obviously i cant do that as i am using win2000. so how do i go about making those folders restricted.
    i went to the invision website and it was kind of a mess i figured i could get a better answer here and faster maybe someone has a similar setup to what i have.

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    Not sure what invisionboard is, but I have a rough idea of some things that are going on, and maybe that will point you in the right direction:

    1) accessing a directory returns list of files, not an index:
    You need to configure the web browser to not allow listings of the directory
    This is highly dependent on the web server you are running, but the second suggestion I am giving you should fix the problem, but you still need to figure out how to tell it that.

    2) accessing a directory returns a list of files, not an index:
    You need to tell your web server that index.php is a valid index file (then it won't default to showing the directory). So look for a directive or configuration that allows you to tell it what the index file is (look for index.html or Default.htm, those are the two common ones)

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