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Thread: data types

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    data types

    in C++, what data type will store both numbers and characters? so that you could input IP addresses or handles or something that contained both?
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    you could use type char[size] or string or char*. Note with those you would have to check if the value contained is numeric or alpha. If your working on *nix and want to work with things such as ip address check out socket.h. You could also build your own class to handle it the types.

    Hope that helps.

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    characters will store numbers and characters, because numbers are represented by characters like "4" and "7" just like 'characters' (letters) are stored as characters like "a" or "G" or ">" for that matter.

    however if you make a character array, or #include the string library and use a "string" datatype, you can then hold characters.
    When you want to perform an arithmetic operation on a character ( or string[x] ), you can cast the character "7" as the integer "7". or with any number or letter or even symbol.

    char characterNAME = '2' ;
    int integerNAME = 3 ;
    cout << integerNAME + int(characterNAME) ;

    the output should be 5 naturally, unless you changed the value for 2 or 3.
    cast integers as characters:
    int ONE = 1 ;
    char characterstoredinONE = char(ONE) ;

    thank you, and </day> goodnight...
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    C++ doesn't have a string <variable> datatype per se. thats VB. If you would like to use the standard library you could use this:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string.h>



    std::string <variable>

    // that variable will now be of string datatype.


    or if you want to be more traditional you could use something like.

    #include <stdio.h>

    #define STR_LEN 80

    int main()


    char strIN[STR_LEN+1];

    // this will hold up to an 80 character string, (which you can adjust for your needs) plus the NULL terminator. i.e. \0.


    Hope this helps.

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    The header file <string> holds a class for a string type in C++:


    int main(){
    string my_string_var;

    my_string_var = "My string data";

    return 0;

    However I'd agree, that it would probably be best to create your own class to handle the data types

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