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Thread: Google problem

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    Google problem

    I tryed to go to www.google.ca which is the canadian version of google. A dialouge box opens:

    Some files can harm your computer, If the information below looks suspisious or you do not fully trust the source, do not open or save this file.

    File name: google
    File Type:
    From: www.google.ca

    Why would google be asing me to download it?

    I have had this problem once before but then it went away. I just want my friend google back. I cleared my cache, cookies and stuff. I restarted the computer. But still have the problem.

    Can someone sugest a solution.

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    I went to the www.google.ca and did not see the pop up I did search too and still no pop-up.
    Maybe it was a mistake on google part or short term option. I think you can download the google toolbar -but I'd be upset if they forced it down my throat. See http://toolbar.google.com/ for details


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    mod_gzip with some older browsers causes that problem so if its an old browser up date it im not sure if google uses mod_gzip so ... but just an idea

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    Do you have a firewall? Maybe the firewall could have detected something or something in the page could have set it off. It could also be an AV software, depending on what software and version. Maybe if you post OS, and any other useful information, I'll try to help you further. For now, you might as well try going to google.com
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    Useing your sugestions I tryed the following:

    Disabled my anti virus -> Problem not solved
    Tryed another browser -> Problem not solved.

    So this was obviously becomein an anoyance, so it did not work with Avant Browser (www.avantbrowser.com) or internet explorer, or minibrowser, but then I tryed it with mozilla and it worked. I know that mini browser and avant browser use internet explorer as its core. So still baffled I

    Dissabled Proxomitron -> Solved the problem

    So now that I knew what was causeing the problem , I desided to find out what filter was the cause of the problem.

    The culprit was the outgoing header filter that comes with proxomitron:

    Accept-encoding: Allow webpage encoding (out)

    And now I can use my good friend google thanks to all of your sugestions. Thank you everyone.

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    Strange, I have the persistent impression your browser think www.google.ca is a file you want to download and ask you if you really want to download (with the usually "be careful" notice on some browsers as it doesn't know this format).

    I don't understand what could be exactly the interaction with your filters, but as you solved your problem. Ok.
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    Dunno how many people have seen this .... kinda funny


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    Iīve saw this too, more than one time and I didnīt understand too, it appears to me in normal searches.
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    I was thinking the same thing as rioter. Google uses gzip compression to give you the pages faster. It looks like the http headers were thr problem. I remember reading up on this before, and how the compression is defined in the http headers. It's pretty cool actually. Accept-encoding should have had gzip in there somewhere.(Right?) Good post though, had no idea proximitron did that.
    EDIT: Used proximitron and didn't have that problem. Is it possible the proxy you were using was causing the problem?

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    Used proximitron and didn't have that problem. Is it possible the proxy you were using was causing the problem?
    Currently I am not useing a proxy with my proxomitron. However it was weird because i have been useing proxomitron for about a year. I had this problem only maybe 3 or 4 times before. I think however, the way proxomitron works is through a proxy server that filters the requests for me before my browser recieves any data,

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