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    Tech Dictionary

    dunno if any of you all have ever seen or heard about this, which i can gather that its probably famous so alot of you im sure have. but its a good reference site. clickhere to take a look

    edit: bah my bad, the link was wrong, wasnt thinking i guess, fixed now though.

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    Sorry. The page you requested cannot be found.

    thats what i got when visitin the page !

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    I couldn't find the dictionary either. I did find and encyclopeda though. That is pretty cool. Maybe this is what he is taking about?

    Intended Resource?

    Sorry if I'm wrong.
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    Nice ressource, the randomizer is kind of interesting!

    I got the following :

    A term for a downloaded application that, instead of enhancing performance, "kills" your system. The reference is to Freddy Krueger, the gruesome character from the horror series "Nightmare on Elm Street."

    Never knew about that one!
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    Usefull referece, something likethis one, which I use frequently.
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