Didnt know whether to put this in the tutorials forum, but seeing as i am not really tutoring because there are so many ways to change this to suit needs and i am only really supplying the link to the information then i put it here !

MSIF is Microsoft Infrastructure framework, (originally for NT4.0) i used primarily as a way to perform clean installations onto networks varying between 2 and 32 machines in the quickest possible manner when I was working as a Trainer in a classroom environment but can be used anywhere the need arises.
Now there is plenty of remote unattended installation methods available i know, but what MSIF does is allow you to just place a floppy disk into a machine that may be configured with just one or numerous OS'es with various partitions etc etc. When the machine is rebooted The MSIF disk uses a batch file to automate the process of completely wiping the disk or disks of all partitions and creates more using fdisk.exe that you specify in the batch files etc
It will then connect to network share point and remotely install another OS as long as a remote unattended installation exists !

All this obvioulsy relies on the users ability to configure batch files and to use the debug and delpart text files that contain assembler for wiping the disks (most fo the time you dont need assembler knowledge just the ability to change 0 to 1 to tell the file to change hdd's.

be careful if you play with this though because if your machine is set to boot to a floppy and you leave this disk in your machine then you run the risk of wiping your complete system and partitions i a few seconds !

Anyway below is a link to the information needed and the files required. I you have any questions about the process or to suit your configuration then feel free to ask.

oh yeah this doesnt have to be MS OS'es it can be used for anything ! although fdisk wont create linux partitons etc although i have used pqmagic.exe to do so though takes some research for the switches to use !