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Thread: Custom Packets

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    Custom Packets

    I was just wondering if it was possible to create and send out your own packets. What i mean by this is type in what text you want sent out, direct it from a port to another port and send it out. Or one that changes the packets before they are sent out.

    Any one know anything about this or a program that can do this?

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    I think it is possible to create your own packets manually and send them out, but it has no practical application afaik. I couldn't find a program which allows you to build a packet and send it out manually, the closest to this I coudl find is a program called NetSED allows you to modify the contents of an outgoing packet. IP Spoofing is probably the most high profile application of packet modification, link below.

    Packet Structure
    IP Spoofing

    Hope this helps you out


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    there are programs available, like packetx, that can create headers, set flags and such, but im really not sure i understand what you want to do
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    Im just wandering if somone did want to do somehting like this create packets , send custom packets and edit them under LINUX would you have to learn socket programming ???... casue im thinking about buying UNIX-Socket Programming book (im asking for reveiws about it in the Books Reviews forum and the book is like $100 soo i wanna be sure its a good book and what im looking for ) cause it looks really interesting!

    P.S.>Sorry mupp3t i wasnt any help to your question!

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    The original question stemmed from the fact that i have been playing around with a packet sniffer with my computer, looking at the incoming and outgoing packets. When i was using MSN *shudders*, i noticed that the packets looked pretty simple. I then wondered if i could maybe use a packet creator to mimic the packets sent, kinda making a msn clone.

    I dont think it would be that simple, would it? If it was sent from the to the right port, with the correct headers of where its going etc.

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    Try this program for Linux, its what I use for sending packets, and it also allows for spoofing too.


    If you're really interested in making a MSN Cone, first your going to need a copy of VB, then check out this link below, it tells you how to create your own msn clone, complete with example source.

    Making a MSN Clone in VB
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    A good Windows software for what you want to do is Rafale X. You can find it at http://www.packx.net
    It can create full customised TCP/UDP/ICMP packets and you can use a script system.
    I tried several versions and I found it really good.
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    Natasha69 while i was going to school i worked in a book store for a major chain. the policy on special orders was to allow the customer as much time as they liked before accepting the order and the book could be returned if in unused condition within 2 weeks.

    check with your local book store regarding their policy on special orders if they don't have it in stock. If they have it in stock, sit down in the store and read through it.
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    Thanks everyone for the input here, mucho appreciated.

    Natasha69, just read the book in the store, i always sit in bookstores being a leech, but they dont seem to mind. I dont know anything about sockets except that XP allows raw sockets like in linux, which is excellent for DoS attacks......other than that snippit of info, i am clueless.

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    If you'd like to help make a msn clone for linux (QT) please PM me..

    I'm working (with a couple of friends) on one..
    we have only got the CVS version.. it can already login and get chat requests..
    the rest. we're working on..

    take a look @ http://www.sf.net/projects/kxmsn
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