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Thread: Oh dear...

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    Oh dear...

    My poor mother, I love her dearly, but when it comes to computers, she's lost...she called me the other day and said,
    "I think the Internet is broken."
    I said, "Mom, I don't think the Internet is broken, maybe your isp just isn't working right."
    she says, "No, it didn't say anything was wrong. The Internet is broken. And last time I used the Internet, it was slower than usual, so I think it was half-broken then."
    I broke down and went over to her house to discover she had tried to get onto the internet via the realone player's built in browser without being connected to her (yes, dialup) connection.

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    My mom thought it would be cute if she put a garfield magnet on my box. My poor box that I spent 3 years building and begging people for parts. Ruined by a random scattering and reorganization of electrons. My dad thought it would be cool if he suprised me with a new processor. He forgot to put the cooling fins on it, and it melted onto the chipset before i could turn the machine off. At least your mom didn't do anything destructive.

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    \"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.\"
    Sir Winston Churchill.

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