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Thread: Recompiling kernel

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    Recompiling kernel

    Can somenone tell me how to recompile the kernel on Red Hat ?

    tell me please..

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    I don't have a great deal of experience with RedHat in particular, but the following site should be of value :

    By the way : be sure to check previous posts. I know that this one has been covered before.

    Also, Be sure to at least try and research it yourself. This Link is from a simple search for "recompile kernel RedHat" at google.com.

    Hope this helps, and remember, google is your friend.
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    There are different ways to update your kernel. An easy way is to install a RPM update. Or if your a geek like me you can recompile the kernel.

    If you can give us a little more information about what your trying to do, it would help us give you suggestions. Are you planning on making a kernel with the mods already compiled in? Are you just trying to tweak your system?

    One important thing to note is to always make a backup of your "working" kernel in case something should go wrong.


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