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Thread: are people lazy ?

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    are people lazy ?

    is it me or are people geting lazy or just dont posess basic internet search capabilities ?

    So many times new posts appear that ask questions that are easily answered through a search from google or technet or some other internet related tool.

    Surely people visiting this site should posess this knowledge as if not then why the interest in the specialist area of security ! Doesnt security require a basic skill set already ?

    maybe new users should be forced to just view the site and its threads beofroe being able to post or forced to read the faq's etc.

    i dunno perhaps i am having a bad day or have others noticed this too ?

    what do you think ?
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    I once volunteered to teach a class for my local school board. It was about basic computer usage, and it was for teachers and parents who wanted or needed a better understanding of things. There were quite a few people, I realized, that knew how to do some advanced stuff with Windows, but were completely lost when it came to MSDOS!! I think in today's society it's easy to learn the end result without learning any of the underlying knowledge. Hence, you get people asking for scripts who can't even pronounce "hacker". I've always tried to learn the bare basics first, then go to advanced things. I wish others would do the same.

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    Yeah, I agree with ya about some posts that are lazily put. But ya know the people that answer them get some of the benifit of checking out what their question is and learning about it themselves... so in my point of view, lazy posts may be pretty crappy to people at times, but it may introduce a new topic that others may not know and that they could explore. Plus, it makes the person that answers them feel good about it (I think I speak for the majority in that )... heh its all good
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    I don't know if it's just laziness. Somepeople just don't know how to use search engines properly. Sounds silly, no? It happens. In my college, they offer work shops to teach people how to use search engines.

    Though, you maybe right. It could just be laziness. But who knows.

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    I agree, yet there are some things while searching for something that people don't know about. Like GreenBird said. For example if you wanted information on; a computer that is used and has no monitor. Most people would type in a search engine; used computer that has no monitor, that would probably give you low or no results at all. Going at this in this manner might help; used computers, no monitor that might get you more results, just using the comma to separate different things. Also one of the easiest things to do is, search using quotes, typing "used computers" will tell the search engine to look for used computers specifically and not as broad of a result.

    Well that’s just my little thing...

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    People are lazy. Even if you don't know how to use a search engine, there have been tutorials provided in the tutorials section, but that would take effort to look there, even though it's clearly indexed, thanks to Negative, here.

    And for even more simplicity, I pulled them off so you can just click straight to the tutorials themselves:

    Search the Net
    Useful Google Tips
    Getting the Most Out of Google

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    I don't think people are lazy. I didn't know how to properly use a search engine to find what I was looking for until the past few years. Before, I would type in what I was looking for without using key words.

    I have read many tutorials and search tips that have made my searching much better.

    Even with those tips I still find trouble finding what I'm looking for. Sometimes a point in the right direction is all someone needs.
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    Geepod I think some people are lazy AND you are having a bad day!

    Pretty much everything can be found with google but it sometimes take long to find the exact info you are looking for... If I already have it in my bookmarks, I am glad to save those peeps the long time it took me to find it...
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    yes it irratates me when people come here to ask basic questions that could have been found on google, but only because people that use this site should already be knowlagable with using computers.

    i disagree with Ajchez though....not all people need to know, or even should know the inner workings of computers. thats the point of operatings systems, to provide a level of abstraction for users to comfortabley get what they need done without caring how the comptuer does it. why should anyone anyone sit down and learn ms-dos when it has no application to their life?

    i use freebsd and linux on my computers b/c i want that level of contol over my computer. but that doesn't mean that i hate windows, because for most people it is enough to get their job done. just because everyone at antionline has a deep interest in computers, i think it's unfair for us to expect everyone else to.
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    It is true that some knowledge is useless, and unfortunately MSDOS is becoming useless. Although I'm starting to prefer it to XP, but that's another post. OK, I'm going to use a teacher as an example. She wanted to know how to program in JScript. I told her it's a simple language, and she could learn in a week. We got a sub-group of teachers together, and I started to teach them JScript. They got angry when I spent a day going over operators and syntax. These are people who had never had programming before, so I know they didn't know the bare basics of JScripts. All they wanted was a quick "these commands combined do this, and if you change these numbers around.." type lesson. That makes me angry. It's learning like that that gave us every bug and faulty program ever made.

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