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Thread: Assign AntiPoints Bug?

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    Assign AntiPoints Bug?

    If I remember correctly, when i used to click on "Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints To This Post" on posts that I made, I saw which users gave me good/bad points and why.

    well... its not working anymore. now when I click on that, a new white window is open, and thats it. yeah, i have waited for it to load, it just didnt.

    And when i click on other users "Assign Positive or Negative AntiPoints To This Post" it does let me to rate their post, that is ok.

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    I don't recall ever being able to see what kind of AP's I got by clicking on the assign thingy... Are you sure you didn't hit the AP center deal under your name on the home page??/
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    Only way I can see my AP's without going to the AP center is by trying to give myself AP's. If that's not it than I don't know what the hell he's talking about.
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    That is what he is talking about. He is clicking on the link to assign himself points so he can see his status.

    I get the same thing he gets. A blank white box.

    I didn't know that you could see your status that way so I don't know if it ever worked.
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    It used to work so you could see what points you got on that particular post. But I think someone found a way to abuse it so you cant see them anymore. Maybe one of the senior members can clear it up.
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    Mahakaal's got it down.

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    yeah it used to be like that. now a white window just pops up. possibly there was/is a bug in it. Or maybe it was a personal security issue.. dunno why. I always thought it was just a java applet that my non-java enabled box couldnt read.

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