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Thread: Hacker Groups

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    Hacker groups are ok if you want to muck around, but for the more serious hacker it is better to go it alone or with 1 or 2 close friends (close friends that wont dump you in the s**t at the first sign of trouble.)

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    personally Chuck I think its a really good idea, esp. sice sept. 11th. I also think alot of them should help look out for our country's general cyber-security, and quite possibly some of them are. However, I know alot of them have the mentality of "death and destruction" (anarchy) so they're probably promoting alot of this negative behavior. But anyway, I agree w/ many of you on the opinion that they can be both negative and positive. Let's just hope that for now, the majority of them are in favor of security instead of opposing it.

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    im a hacker and im 14 personaly i do it to learn about computers not to gain power over them. I did get into because of the media said they were bad. but i have really changed i know more about computers then i ever did and im learning more everyday.
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