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    can i use phpbb on my website

    hey i want to use phpbb on by site so that i can hold an bulliten board fourm.some of my friends say that i need ms access on my site some say i need sql on my site.i count understand what all that.ikindly help me what i need to install phpbb.
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    Actually, you can use both. I would recommend MySQL. And, for the best help on installing the phpBB board, go to the forums http://www.phpbb.com

    They always helped me out there, and I know they will help you to.

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    quick easy way to tell if your host supports PHP..

    PHP Code:
    Save that bit of code to a file called, say ermm TEST.PHP and upload it to your host, load it up in your favorite browser, if your host is PHP enabled you should see a massive list of PHP varibles..

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