I faced to design a grafix app.,

and I bought a book about that subject. the book relies on a grafix package called PHIGS (Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Grafix Software),

The code in the book uses the functionality of the package as a set of ANSI C functions. Good, but I develope on the Win2000 platform, and as everyone one know, Microsoft has forbidden any code from acessinng the hardware dierectly (as does the PHIGS). I know that C# (my programming language) has many functionality but the PHIGS has more proffessional and sophistiacted one that lead it to be indispensible for my app.

I have searched by Google about an answer, but all of them say "PHIGS is an ANSI-ISO stand....PHIGS is an ANSI-ISO stand... PHIGS is an ANSI-ISO stand."

[shadow]So, I just want to know how can I use the functionality of that package in my C# program under MS. Visual C# developement IDE.[/shadow]

thnx for your help