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Thread: great hardware site

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    great hardware site


    this site should answer most people question about hardware realated questions.
    Also has comparive of different mother board and an eveolution of cpu tech:
    check it out

    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    toms hardware guide has always been the best hardware review site i can remember..

    a must-have bookmark.

    Blessed be the pessimist for he hath made backups.

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    search site before posting

    hi guys,

    Just a tip, read the antionline site faq ! if you search the forums you will see that toms hardware is a well known site so has been well documented !

    just check first before posting otherwise these forums are always going over old news !

    Dont worry i didnt give any negs, just a tip

    live well and love life
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    Those guides are great if you planning to upgrade your computer. If anyone else knows any great hardware sites they would like to tell us this would be the thread to post em.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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