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Thread: Return to AO?

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    Return to AO?

    Greetings all,
    I have now seen numerous comments being made about nothing happening on AO for example. When you visited AO today and only visit the site about two to three weeks later, the only thing that is constantly under discussion is antipoints. I was wondering just out of interest, what makes you come back to visit the site. Is it when you receive a lot of antipoints and you then only feel the need to post, or is it to meet other people and share your views and inputs on security and technical related matters regardless what amount of antipoints you have. Donít get me wrong here, I also feel good when I receive antipoints whether it be positive or negative. At least you then know what people think of your post.

    Please feel free to give me your input?

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    I mostly post for tech stuff when i'm back but i do get lot of AO for other thing opinion wich in my sense is not the point of this forum. it might be their way of flaming while getting away with it ....
    In anycase I like AO because the tech issue motivate me but for the rest ...
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    i keep coming back because there are more conspiracys here than the x-file's

    but seriously i keep coming back to AO because there is always good info (Maybe not so much recently) but you will always find new exploits that are found for your OS and links to patches and there a LOT of good people here ranging in diffrent skill sets so if you ask a qestion 9 times out of 10 some 1 is going to know the answer or direct you on the right path to the answer thats why i keep coming back
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    I have recently joined AO, and in this short period of time, AO has provided me plenty of information (technology or otherwise), and it has been a wonderful experience for me.
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    I stay on AO because of the vast amount of expertise on here. There have been a few scandalous threads and what not as well as many Antipoint discussions. However, all in all, I like it here. Now, if people (senior members maybe) start leaving because of lack of good content, then maybe there could be a problem since the Newbies will not have many people to look to for direction or answers to Newbie questions. I don't know...I like it here though. There are a lot of good people here. There's a lot of variety, and that's what keeps me coming back - varying opinions, varying fields of expertise...
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    It's a gas!
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    I visit AO everyday while here at work and sometimes in the evening while at home.

    I feel we are very lucky to have such knowledgable people on-board here at AO, and for that i am grateful!
    I enjoy reading the various different posts made by other members and also when i have a technical query i will post this.



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    I come here because I have no life. I have also made some pretty good friends through the forums and especially the IRC channels.
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    i still visit ao every day, although recently i've been pretty disapointed in the discussions. it seems to me that we've managed to chase off most of our senior members with the silly antipoint system, and most of our newer members only seem interested in posting in the "tech humor" forum. i don't even bother reading anything in the humor or cosmos sections anymore. that probably explains why i've only posted once or twice in the last two weeks.

    i guess i'm just waiting around for things to get back to the way they were.
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    I come here because it is the best way to express my opinion and get genuine feedback on the subject. I used to be hung up on APs, but I noticed that when I posted whining about them i got negged, and when i posted for the sole purpose of expressing myself, i was rewarded with points, so i just try not to be so big of a jerk and never whine about negs and my aps go up, slowly but surely.
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    I come here because (sometimes) there's some fairly interesting topics brought up, and there's always information being exchanged and when I need something answered, the helpful ones here will more than likely assist me, and when I have anything useful I can contribute to someone's problem I do. Its a pleasant give and take system which you can both learn and teach.

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