Hey all,

I've been using AntiOnline email for quite some time now..

There has always been some advertisement on it, which didn't bother me at all, since it is a free service anyway..

But now there was a full screen (F11) popup from http://mail.bigmailbox.com/users/ant...clipgenie.html
And as soon as I clicked [close] and it tried to automaticaly install some clipgenie thingy..

First of all I hate those FULLSCREEN popups.. Second of all I HATE it when software tries to AUTOINSTALL

So I thought well let's see... I sweeped my parent's (WInXP) puter with the latest version of Ad-aware. . . No spyware (just some cookies). . .

Allowed the install of ClipGenie. . .

And you guessed it... Spyware (NetworkEssentials and DownloadWare to be exact)

wich remained even after uninstallation of ClipGenie (wich turned out to be some pr0n download app)..

I don't think that kind of agressive advertisement is called for and I hate spyware...

Sorry for this rant.. I just had to get this off my chest..