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    Antionline email

    Hey all,

    I've been using AntiOnline email for quite some time now..

    There has always been some advertisement on it, which didn't bother me at all, since it is a free service anyway..

    But now there was a full screen (F11) popup from http://mail.bigmailbox.com/users/ant...clipgenie.html
    And as soon as I clicked [close] and it tried to automaticaly install some clipgenie thingy..

    First of all I hate those FULLSCREEN popups.. Second of all I HATE it when software tries to AUTOINSTALL

    So I thought well let's see... I sweeped my parent's (WInXP) puter with the latest version of Ad-aware. . . No spyware (just some cookies). . .

    Allowed the install of ClipGenie. . .

    And you guessed it... Spyware (NetworkEssentials and DownloadWare to be exact)

    wich remained even after uninstallation of ClipGenie (wich turned out to be some pr0n download app)..

    I don't think that kind of agressive advertisement is called for and I hate spyware...

    Sorry for this rant.. I just had to get this off my chest..
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    AntiOnline has no control over Bigmailbox's pop-ups or ads. It's rumored that he's searching for another one. Hopefully he does.

    [P.S. - Bigmailbox is the service JP uses for our mail. And there apparently are tons more problems (and far worse ones mind you...) than just this pop-up.]
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    I have to say I won't give my confidence to a free webmail service that "offers" a porn dialer to run its services. Somehow it doesn't sound very pro to my ears...
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    I used to use bigmailbox via purebooty.com and one day they just cut off service. So I personally think bigmailbox sucks.
    And yeah that full page popup absolutely bites.
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    The one biggest and best thing you can do is disable javascript popup windows. Opera can toggle it quickly, and the Proxomitron will help you with tons of stuff if you know how to configure rules.
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    thanks you guys, i was actually thinking about using it. Thanks but no thanks!
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