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Thread: Telnet Question

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    Ajchez -> it just sounds to me like the college's network admins are a little smarter than those of your ISP. I know if I was running a mail server I wouldn't let just anyone connect to it via telnet.

    Exactly what would you do if you were able to connect to the mail server?

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    It's not just the university server. I have a list of about 15 SMTP servers that I could get onto under a normal ISP, but now that I'm on UniversityNet they all block my connection. I'm never harmful when I do this btw. It's all in good fun with friends only. I'm capable of anything SMTP will let you do, define a sender, a reciever, a subject, a message, etc. You can do the same thing wtih netcat, but netcat won't work either when I try this. I refuse to become a script kiddie and use a mail spoofing program.

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