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Thread: Whole lotta parts to use

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    Whole lotta parts to use

    I don't really know if this is the right forum, but whatever, here goes. I've got three computers in various states of disrepair. Basically, I have the following:

    1. One working computer with 2 hard drives, one motherboard w/one Celeron processor, 2 burners, and a floppy drive. The case is full.

    2. One ok computer with a hard drive in unknown condition. It's a really old 386 Packard Bell, but I think I can salvage the motherboard.

    3. A great computer that's already been salvaged. It still has the CD player, the floppy, and the motherboard. If it had a hard drive, it would be a great computer.

    My goal is to somehow use the parts from the last two computers and add them to the first one. I would really like a 2 processor machine, but I have very little knowledge about doing that, much less connecting 2 very different motherboards together. Also, I only have one internet connection to work with, and I'm not sure how to share the connection between two processors. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could use these pieces?

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    I've never heard of anyone making a multiprocessor machine out of two different computers and motherboards. I'm not saying that it can't be done, but from my experience the way to do it is to get a dual processor motherboard and run two similar processors.

    As far as sharing the internet connection, that is something very easy to do as long as you can network the machines. If you are using windows98 second edition or higher all you need to do is enable internet connection sharing and set the machine connected to the net as the gateway. Then you can surf from both as long as the gateway is connected to the internet.

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    as for a dual processor machine you would need a dual processor motherboard, and two multi-processor cpus (ie, AMD MP 1400). and then for an OS, in the world of windows you would need a NT based operating system (NT, 2000, XP pro) as they support multi-processors..

    one note, if you have two 1ghz cpus in a dual cpu setup, your speed still doesnt equal 2ghz.. provided the software is written for it, they basically balance the load between the two.

    What is the specs of the first system you listed there? a 386 is a fairly outdated system, but some parts may be salvagable, hard-drive, cdrom, mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.. the rest you may be able to sell on e*ay for a few bucks..

    lastly, a dual processor machine would access the net just as a single processor setup..

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    the Beowulf project

    If you are thinking in Linux you can check this project
    the beowulf project that is to make a what they called a "Super computer", really is a nice project to take a look
    Have fun!!
    \"Knowledge is Power\"

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    That was dissapointing. I guess I won't have a miniature supercomputer.

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    ahhhhhh whitedragon beat me to it.

    if you're interested in building a beowulf let me know, i'm working on a special interest group on my campus to build one...i have information i could forward to you.
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