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Thread: Elitehackers.com W.T.F!

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    Thumbs down Elitehackers.com W.T.F!

    Hello Antionline.com I want to ask you guys/gals something. I was currently a member at www.elitehackers.com under the alias "USER" But not anymore I realized one thing its a script kiddy haven and I want nothing to do with it. I want a *real security website* with real information, thats why I'm here! I want everyone to Check out this thread @ http://www.elitehackers.com/ubb/ulti...c;f=1;t=002273

    My question is, was I wrong for sending this THREAD to the FBI? I sent a private message to (GrafikFX) before I send it to the FBI, telling him to delete and if he did I wouldnt send it to them, his reply was "F you" User. Read my reply then read the Moderators reply. The moderators sent me a private message saying I am banned from there site cause of what I did. What would you have done? Or what should have I done? I'm not down with Credit Card Fraud!

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    The FBI won't even investigate unless you can proof over $5,000 in damage. I remember we had a customer (a minister) that had his website defaced (his password was church). The FBI was less then interested in helping him track down the person's IP address in his logs.

    There's nothing wrong with reporting a crime to the authorities but remember that they don't always act.

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    The moderators wouldnt even do anything about it until I made my reply then 30 seconds later they automatically close it. The thread was open for over 9 hours. I didn't know who to report to I only knew something had to be done about it.

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    There is never anything wrong with doing the right thing. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing and take whatever backlash you get for it. It might not be fun, but at least you'll be able to sleep at night.

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    Hmm...a good ethical dilemma. To start with, I think if I were going to send it to someone, itwould have been to the local authorities. Until you know the crime spans state lines, assume it to be a local offense. The local authorities could investigate and then hand the case off to the FBI if need be. As for the post itself, you didn't really have any direct knowledge of criminal activity. You had a very good idea, but until you have some corroboration you don't know anything for fact. I think you're intentions were in the right place, although your actions might be construed by some as a bit over-zealous. That's not a criticism at all, though! I personally believe it's good to err on the side of caution whenever you're in question.

    You may have been a bit strong in your post, though. It might have been better if you simply condemned the post without outlining the actions you took. That you sent the post to the FBI only concerned you and GrafikFX. No one else needed to know that. You could have simply posted like B1nary:

    These types of questions are not permitted here.
    This was a simple, effective post that voiced B1nary's opinion without trying to blame or attack anyone. B1nary could have been carrying on a similar PM conversation with GrafikFX as you did.

    So, while I agree with you that GrafikFX was discussing highly inappropriate topics for your board, I think you may have come down a little hard without knowing for a fact he was attempting to commit a crime. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the quality of posts here on AO just as much, if not more than on your previous board. I believe we have a great community here, and there's always a lot to learn. Welcome to AO!
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    err user ...

    I was currently a member at www.elitehackers.com under the alias "USER" But not anymore I realized one thing its a script kiddy haven

    I am going through the boards.. Looks like you got allot of slack on that website for plagorizing or something ..
    I dunno .. Have fun, and i agree with them, local authorities first.. then they can goto FBI, its the only way to get stuff done, otherwise the FBI will just say "well thank you, we appreciate blah blah blah" and never do anything cause we people aren't important :P

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    My 2 cents

    I reported something to the FBI and Secret Service once. Within two weeks I had a Secret Service agent chatting with me in my living room. They -do- pay attention. It has nothing to do with people not being important.

    In the case of things like message board postings, or whatnot, I think it's more a lack of seriousness. Think about it. You want them to go after one skiddiot, with one CC number who doesn't even know what to do with it? Or would you rather they go after the organized rings that break servers, and steal millions of numbers?

    Were you wrong? No, not really. It's most a matter of putting things into perspective.
    Just my thoughts.

    Read them.

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    I checked the link but it came up with FYI there is no post here or something to that effect. I think you did the right thing at least you brought the site the attention that it deserves. I wouldn't dought with a name like that (eliteHackers), that the FBI already have there watchful eyes on them. You see the FBI pays people to scan the internet for key terms like, Hackers, Crackers, and other key names. But all in all I think you did the right thing and it will also keep you off there list of criminals to check out.

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    i used to use skiddie forums too but personally the thing that really hate about them is their constant nagging on how 2 hack hotmail or yahoo
    and yeah tell the locals first dont go straight for the big guys
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